Night of the City
Cold Case Series
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Book One

While recuperating from a gunshot wound, Special Agent Caden O’Connor is relegated to a desk job with the newly-formed Western Tri-State Cold Case Squad. Three months in, miserable and on the verge of depression, an anonymous letter arrives and changes everything.

Hundreds of miles away, concert violinist Alaina Reynolds is having problems of her own. First, there’s the fear that her psychiatrist wants to have her committed, and then, the voices that are slowly driving her insane.


Nevertheless, when these long dead souls whisper in her ear and reveal clues that could send their killers to jail, Alaina risks all by becoming the Cold Case Squad’s new confidential informant. But not without taking some precautions, as to them she is known only as: Sleepless

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Book Two

With their confidential informant, Sleepless, residing in Colorado, the head of the Western Tri-State Cold Case Squad authorizes the relocation of its most successful team to Boulder. Accompanying the two-man team is Agent Julia Scott, a recent transfer to the Cold Case Squad, and a woman with an ability not too different from that of Sleepless. And one just as secret.


Combining the paranormal abilities of both Sleepless and Julia, the team hopes to have even greater success. They never imagined their efforts would be tested so quickly, however, or at so great a risk. Before she even has time to unpack, and thanks to her own special ability, Julia finds herself ensnared in a local drug ring, right along with her fellow captive, a stranger named Ethan McKenna.


But it’s Ethan’s own secrets and his suspected hidden agenda that Julia truly has to fear.

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Book Three

A dream is never just a dream when it involves Simon Vasco.

Simon’s an expert of another kind, and just what this particular cold case squad needs. As a psychic dreamer, he’s worked with law enforcement all over the world helping with everything from finding missing persons to solving murders. 


This latest assignment brings him back to the States, but with something a little different in mind - He’s been asked to coach certain members of this elite squad on how best to use their own paranormal abilities. 


When he meets the woman of his dreams, Simon sees a glimmer of downtime in his future spent generating a bit of wickedness of his own. Or, so he hoped.


But the dreams that haunt him leave Simon and the others searching for answers, as a murder that until now has gone unearthed, awakens a killer close to home.

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Book Four

Sometimes our memories are not at all what they seem. 


Stand Alone
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Jillian never would have guessed she’d be happy to be dead.

But she is.

Because although she may not have lived long enough to find her soul mate that doesn't mean she has to spend eternity without him.


As for the man who killed her, well, he’s certainly not sorry.


Not yet anyway.


But between the sister Jillian left behind, a few other helpful souls (like some heavenly matchmakers), and an act of divine grace here and there, even a wannabe hitman can be plagued by the Devil.

Well, maybe not the Devil himself. 

But close.

Halo Christmas Novels
( My Lighter Side )



If you’re feeling lost, lonely, or simply searching, but for what you aren’t quite sure,

you might want to take a trip through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. There,

nestled between peaks and valleys, not hidden, nor easily found, sits the Town of Saint Thaddaeus.


Now, you won’t find Saint Thad (as we locals call it) on any map, old or new. 

Nor will that GPS of yours, or any internet search help you. And although I live in Saint Thad, and have for many a year, I can’t be giving you exact directions.


I can, however, tell you that if you travel northwest of Denver and stay on the main roads, and, if you are meant to find us, you will. 

Because the signs will all be there.


Book One



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